The Concept

The Magic Collection Retreats is a contemporary hospitality project inspired and contextualised, by ART: Aim, Rest, Think. Set in Megève, Forte dei Marmi and Ibiza, four retreats are transformed and revitalised through the collaborative ventures of artists. The Magic Collection Retreats is open to the guests, renewing popular conceptions of luxury through convivial mediums of art, design, and beauty.

The four locations constitute special kind of places, where guests can literally live art. Artists’ works are placed in relation to everyday spaces, and interact with the functionality of the place itself. In this context, the works are stripped of their aura, and become part of everyday experience, accessible to all, in accordance with the philosophy behind the project’s affirmation of art’s non-exclusivity. Art is intended for all humans to experience.

In addition to our focus on art and design, we are committed to providing excellent and unusual services. This includes giving our guests access to incredible wines, carefully selected for their uniqueness and quality, and integrating thoughtfully designed objects into the fabric of everyday life, ensuring a stay that is as luxurious as it is unforgettable.

Our Story

Six years ago, we started writing the story of The Magic Collection Retreats: a contemporary hospitality project that involves a family and many artist friends, all of whom have contributed to the renovation of interior spaces by creating structural elements such as floors, stairs, ceilings, and lighting. The family who envisioned the project love art, and believe it lies at the heart of their life.

The first location, where it all began, is the village of Megève, a popular Alpine resort beloved by artists. It was one of Jean Cocteau’s favourite places, and remains the source of inspiration for many creative people who visit. Embodying the intention to preserve the artistic spirit, Francesco Vezzoli, while wandering in the chalet, decided to dedicate one of the rooms, the Saint Cocteau suite, to the beloved soul.

Magic Megève

We then moved toward Italy, to a place in Tuscany that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea: Forte dei Marmi. Just a few kilometres from Carrara, the town has served Michelangelo, and many other artists, as a key transportation link for marble.

Magic Forte dei Marmi

And finally, The Magic Collection Retreats’ newest entry: Ibiza. With the help of artist Luis Lazaro Matos, and many others, we recovered a traditional Ibizan finca in Es Cubells, one of Ibiza’s most beautiful and nature-inspired locations, a few kilometers away from Es Vedra, the well-known ‘energy island’. 

Magic Ibiza