The Female Power Workshop

3-day workshop, 3 hours each evening | Min. 3 people | 3500€ (all meals included)

This workshop is a culmination of all of Elmira’s gifts, wisdoms, expertise and energy healing. Experience the special gift that is female energy! Shake yourself loose from this male-oriented world and manifest the primal feminine force within yourself. Guided by love, wisdom and spirituality, Elmira takes you back to the source, on a journey to your inner self.

The womb is a place of creation, joy, birth and life. Unconsciously, in the womb we carry the pain and sorrow of the women in our biological and energetic lineage. This workshop will harmonise your feminine lineage: daughter – mother – grandmother – great- grandmother.

This journey should happen on the night of a full moon, as its mystical power enhances the process. Together you will experience the healing energy of the light.

What to expect:
This ritual combines different processes and is about fun, creativity and spiritual healing. You will gain a new sense of awareness through music, movement, group exercises, meditations and hidden ancient shamanic rituals. Primarily, the workshop concentrates on healing the womb, the symbol of the inner child and representation of the mother/daughter relationship.