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The Vision Workshop

The Vision Workshop is about channeling your creative power and teaching techniques that manifest your inner power. Everyone has dreams, wishes and goals; in a small setting you will work on (re)discovering these. You do this by turning inwards, talking to each other and tuning in through a guided meditation.

How do you see your ideal future? What are the resources you need for this? What are your talents and what are your challenges? What past events have brought you to where you are today? The workshop will use the concept of a “vision board”. The board is a powerful and effective tool to clarify, focus and then realise your goals.

During the workshop, an organic lunch will be provided, after which we will go into nature for a restorative walk. With fresh energy, we will finish our creations. Give your vision board a nice place in your home and discover for yourself the power of visualisation!

Talks, camaraderie, guided meditation, lunch and vision board.

Please come equipped with the following:
Colours, paint, chalk, etc. to colour your vision board;
Printed photos, images and words you want to stick on your vision board;
Magazines you want to cut from.

1-day workshop, 6 hours | 1100€ (lunch included)