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Shamanic Travel Workshop

The Shamanic Travel Workshop

2-day workshop, 4 hours each day | Min. 3 people | 2500€ (all meals included)

The Shamanic Travel Workshop is about receiving information in a “paranormal” way, i.e. outside the five typical senses. You do this according to methods that were or still are known in shamanic cultures. In shamanic consciousness, you travel to a non-ordinary reality: the middle world, upper world and lower world. 

While traveling you will discover and get closer to your power animal. The power animal represents the primal force that keeps us alive as a person and makes us strong. You can also see it as your characteristic way of taking care of yourself. 

The Shamanic Travel Workshop is about rediscovering your primal power and using it in everyday life. It could teach you something about your positive qualities, but also about discovering your limitations and challenges ahead.