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Female Power Workshop

The Female Power Workshop

The Female Power Workshop, led by the renowned Elmira, is a profound exploration of femininity, empowerment, and healing. It represents the culmination of Elmira’s diverse gifts, wisdom, expertise, and energy healing practices, all aimed at awakening and harnessing the innate power of female energy. Experience the special gift that is female energy! In a world often dominated by masculine ideals, this workshop offers a transformative opportunity to reconnect with the primal feminine force within. Through guided sessions infused with love, wisdom, and spirituality, Elmira gently guides participants back to the source, facilitating a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Central to the workshop is the recognition of the womb as a sacred space of creation, joy, and life. However, it is also a repository of ancestral pain and sorrow, carrying the echoes of the experiences of women in our biological and energetic lineage. Through carefully crafted processes, the workshop aims to harmonize and heal this feminine lineage, spanning generations from daughter to great-grandmother.This workshop will harmonise your feminine lineage: daughter – mother – grandmother – great- grandmother.

This journey should happen on the night of a full moon, as its mystical power enhances the healing process, allowing participants to tap into the profound energy of lunar light.

What to expect:
The Female Power Workshop combines different processes and is about fun, creativity and spiritual healing. You will gain a new sense of awareness through music, movement, group exercises, meditations and hidden ancient shamanic rituals. Primarily, the workshop concentrates on healing the womb, the symbol of the inner child and representation of the mother/daughter relationship. Ultimately, the Female Power Workshop is not just about individual growth; it is about collective empowerment and the celebration of the divine feminine in all its forms.

3-day workshop, 3 hours each evening | Min. 3 people | 3500€ (all meals included)