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Corporate Team Building Workshop

The Corporate Team Building Workshop

As coach of the Corporate Team Building Workshop, Elmira deals with boosting the (working) happiness of staff within companies and organisations. Organisations are increasingly investing in the well-being of their employees. High work pressure and stress can take a lot out of an employee and even lead to burnout. 

Happiness at work is an essential ingredient to performing well. By offering creative programmes, both on an individual and group basis, in the Corporate Team Building Workshop employees will discover what energises and motivates them. We combine group activities with one-to-one exercises, fostering the development of a positive and healthy working environment. 

When an employee is happy, they care about their work and will talk about it with praise. Employees are the organisation’s ambassadors and when employees are happy, they become creative. This means that the organisation can also grow through innovative ideas and goals. 

This workshop will ultimately deliver:
Happy employees that are more energetic and perform better; Decreasing absenteeism and thus increased work performance; Better results, higher turnover and satisfied customers as when employees are happy, this will also be felt by the customer. 

2-day workshop, 4 hours each day | Min. 3 people | 2500€ (all meals included)